Sunday, March 4, 2012


     Yep! He is HERE!! Lewey the hedgehog! (we renamed him) He is SO CUTE!!!!!! I don't have any pictures of him on here. . .besides the one I've already posted: hedgehog photo  He is just so cute in person! He's really nice, too.
Full name: Little Lewis
Nicknames: Little Lewey, Lewey, Lew
Birthday: January, Friday the 13th, 2012
Adopted from: Millermade Farms, Montpeiler, Ohio
Hedgehog Price: $180
Total Price: Around 300 something
  Aw! He is so stinking cute! A made a new blog all about him. Of course, I'll stay on this blog, too. NEW BLOG: !! SO CUTE!! :D :D Questions? Comment!