O( '.' )o
.( UU)/  < simple monkey (left to right) Ace, Moonlight, CouragePaw, Legend, and Thunder
                                                Umbreon & Espeon! (Pokemon)
                                            Webkinz Golden Retriever & Shimmer Bunny
                                          Webkinz Pom Pom Kitty, Clover Pup, and Googles
                                            A Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla Wolf  :D
                                             Webkinz Signature Golden Retriver in the city
*All these super-good drawings are by xChimeyy on Youtube

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  1. All these drawings are by xChimeyy on youtube! THESE ARTS DO NOT BELONG TO ME! xChimeyy, please don't call me an art theif! :O lol, all hers!