Wednesday, February 29, 2012


     Aw yeah! My blog has over 1,000 views! Actually, 1,007! Not that great, I know :P ......hmmm......

Monday, February 20, 2012

Officially own a hedgehog!!

     Ha ha!! The website went back up and immediatly we put him on hold. His name is currently Karney. That's what the breeder named him!! Following info about him copied straight from the website:
 hedgehog photo
This extremely friendly little guy would make a great pet for any family or a great study buddy!

     Wow! I can't believe I have an actual hedgehog!! :D :D :D Well..........I will be getting him. We pick him up on March 3, 2012! His birthday was on Friday the 13th in January!! He is adorable!! is the website!! :) They rock! The website is for Millermeade Farms. I am SO excited!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Getting a Hedgehog soon!!

:D :D :D I am about to get a hedgehog!! :D Well actually, put him "on hold". His name is Karney. We'll problebly change the name. We're about to put a deopsit on him any minute....if the website works again!! :P The website we're trying to get him from (Millermeade Farms, Ohio) is having BANDWIDTH issues!!?? Now IS NOT the time!! ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!! Thumbs DOWN. Info on him is that he has a extremly friendly perosnality and would make a great family pet or "study buddy" !! CUTE!! :D We will problebly get him in two weeks after we buy him. ARGGHHHH WHY CAN'T THEIR WEBSITE WORK!?!?!?!?! I am mad. FRUSTRATED!!! ARRRGGHHH!!!!!!! Btw, when we get our hedgehog I am making a new blog about hedgehogs. It'll have a bunch of pictures and updates on him!! :) Of course, I'll still be on this blog, too! :) Argh! Website PLEASE WORK!!! (I'll post pictures of him when the website works!!!)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Can I have some help??

     Okay people, this might seem to be a stupid post. :P But I wish for some help! :) I bet most of you have blogs of your own. :) Better blogs. Better quality blogs, too. Can I have some help? Any tips or ideas i the comments will help! :D Thanks!!

Oh Em Gee!!!

     You won't believe this! Well, you might. But still, since today is Valentine's Day, I went down to the basement to get all my Love-Webkinz. (Love puppy, love frog, love lion, etc.) And so I got them. And I was about to bring them upstairs when I looked at my Love Frog. IT HAD TWO MAGIC W'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow! That is SOOOOO COOL!! First, Love Frogs are really rare webkinz, which is cool, then, it has TWO magic w's!!! (the w's on its feet) On it's two front feet!! :D :D :D :D Wow! This is REALLY cool! I've been all over the internet and NEVER EVER EVER seen a Love Frog with two w's!! Only with four. Which would be cooler, but STILL!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D Cool! I'll post pictures later! They are"factory mistakes" which makes them rare! Or, rarer!! :D 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Giants win Super Bowl!

     The New York Giants win the super bowl! :) I was going for them! :) My cousin is a HUGE Giants fan. She was very excited! :P The Patriots did a good job, too! :) But Eli Manning wins a trip to Disney World and a brand new car! :)