Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lickers :3

More lickers please:




:3 Heyy. SO, there are thease supercute icons/avatars and they are SUPERCUTE! :3 They are of animals licking your screen (you might have seen them before) but they come in all sorts of variaties. All you gotta do is go on Google Images and search what you want to lick your screen and type after than licking screen. EXAMPLE: Pikachu licking screen. (pikachu is a pokemon) Then choose icons on the side. You got it. :D Here, I'll post a picture, BUT, it might not work cause animation thingies. :P
It's SOOOO CUTE! It's my favorite Pokemon, Ninteales!! :3

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Unannounced Webkinz?!

So... today on eBay... I found this WEBKINZ! THAT WAS UNANNOUNCED!!! It's called the Spooky Pup!! :D Barely anybody else knows about it! I think. :O AND... these crazy people... when a new Webkinz comes out they are always like, "I CALL QUEEN OF THIS WEBKINZ!!!"
And... (as silly as it is) I call queen! XD I am the (official) queen of the Webkinz Spooky Pup! (This is my first ever Webkinz I am the queen of!) YEAH.... :D
 I'm the official queen! :D YAY!
         UPDATE: FYI, queen's don't get special things. They just get the pride of being the official :D